Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Reading The Future

Have you often fantasized about reading a book but were put off by their bookiness? Have you always yearned for that intimate reading experience but just couldn’t get over the booky hurdle of bookiness that most books exude? Well Amazon has come up with just the solution for YOU.

“At half the thickness of Amazon's first e-book reader, the Amazon Kindle 2 ($359) is pretty inviting. It's a, sleek, curved tablet that you can easily hold in your hands.”

My God! This revolutionary invention is so book-like that you can actually easily hold it in your hands! Like a book!

“The first-generation Kindle weighed 10.3 ounces and offered a paperlike E-Ink display that keeps eyestrain at bay.”

And it has a paper-like quality! Wow! Just like books!

“The first Kindle was readable in sunlight…”

Hallelujah! Like books!

“… it also had long battery life…”

Brilliant! Who doesn’t hate it when you get to a good bit and your book stops working?

“… and allows you to highlight passages at will.”

What, like a pen, on paper? AT WILL? It’s a miracle I tell you!

“The Kindle 2 retains all of those capabilities, in a slimmer form. In my tests with the device, it felt easier to hold, especially one-handed.”

My God AGAIN! This new not-book is SO book-like it’s even like one of those books you can hold in one hand. Like a paperback. A paperback BOOK? Brilliant!

“And the slim form made it easier to pack alongside my ultraportable laptop and other devices in my gear bag.”

It IS like a paperback book! Brilliant. It’s SO paperback book-like you can put it in bags! Genius! And the pièce de résistance of this God-like-genius invention? Drum roll… PERLEEZE!

“The Kindle 2 turns pages 20 percent faster than the original Kindle does. The faster refresh allows you to navigate the screen in real time, at least.”

It… turns… pages… as… fast… as… a… REAL BOOK! Genius!

I had a quick scan of the Amazon reviews but couldn’t get past the first amazed customer's review:

“I've had the Kindle 2 in my hands for almost a day and have carried it on one commute.”


Geoffers said...

Ha ha, so true! I bought a book on PDF - as the paper version cost too much to ship from America (it is a big book) - and realised that in Adobe Reader you can't bookmark where you left off.

The application has 'bookmarks' but all they do is list the chapters: what was referred to, in those tired old days of paper books, as a 'contents page'.

The people at Adobe clearly gave up reading proper books years ago.

Anonymous said...

Your over the top sarcasm is entertaining, but perhaps not for your intended reason. I don't think that Amazon was comparing Kindle to physical books as much as they were comparing Kindle to other forms of electronic book reading.

Having said that there are a few ways that Kindle is better, and certainly some ways that it is worse than physical books.

I'm going to backpack Europe for 6 weeks and plan to take about 30 books with me. Unlike physical books, I can easily do this with a Kindle. That reason alone is a clear win.

Jared said...

When Kindle bring out an updated version with a brown circle on the back that looks just like a real coffee stain, then I might possibly reconsider.