Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Editor Required. Paid. Short film

Dear filmmakers
A good friend requires an editor to get his short film festival-ready. This is a paid job and a fantastic opportunity. 
WARHOL - inspired by THAT phone call from the Australian radio DJs to Kate Middleton’s hospital, which resulted in the unfortunate suicide of the nurse who was fooled by their prank call. 

WARHOL is about a NYC Shock Jock who receives an on-air call from a kid pretending to be a gangster. While on the line someone breaks into the kid's house, inspiring the DJ to attempt to manipulate the situation and convince the kid to tackle the robber, live-on-air, in the hope it could send ratings through the roof. 
WARHOL was filmed at the Riverside Studios over three days, shot on an Alexa, and stars Corey Johnson (Captain Philips, Bourne Supremacy), Dar Dash (Ridley Scott's The Councillor), Executive Produced by Craig Shaynak (Ray Donovan, Bones) and financed by Shelley Atkin (VP 20th Century Fox). Hair and make-up by the Game of Thrones’ team. 

WARHOL is an award-winning screenplay by Adam Ethan Crow.

IMDB link to the project:
Warhol poster
Warhol 2
Let us know ASAP if you - or an editor you know - would like to throw their hat in. This really is a fantastic opportunity to be involved in an exciting and original project - and get paid for it! 
Please contact Adam and blind him with your genius here: mail [at] adamethancrow.com

Please title your email: WARHOL EDITOR JOB - YOUR NAME

Thank you for reading and good luck! x